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In 2020, increase the production of flat masks and KN95 masks, and obtain the medical device operation record

In 2019, “Hewei Purification” was displayed in Guangdong Equity Exchange Center

In 2019, apply for five utility model patents and one invention patent for clean cloth, clean paper and equipment

2018 Developed the back-washing process of dust-free reel fabric after use to reduce costs for customers

In 2017, Hewei Company was established to develop the automatic dust-free cloth stacking technology to realize the automatic cutting and stacking of some dust-free cloths.

2016 Acquired "ACEWIPER" registered trademark

In 2015, our company's dust-free cloth and dust-free paper were exported to Southeast Asia, Japan and other countries for the first time.

In 2014, the dust-free cloth hot cutting machine was added to realize the dust-free cloth heat sealing technology

In 2013, the production of M3 dust-free paper was increased, with a monthly output of 150,000 bales of dust-free paper

In 2012, increase production of 0609 dust-free paper, with a monthly output of 150,000 packs of dust-free paper

In 2011, the production of laser and ultrasonic equipment for dust-free cloth was increased. The monthly production of dust-free cloth was 150,000 packs, and the roll cloth was 200,000 rolls.

2010 Introduced ERP management system and ISO 9000 quality system certification

In 2008, Dongguan Maisiweipu dust-free cloth and reel cloth factory was put into production, with a monthly output of 80,000 bales of dust-free cloth and 100,000 rolls of reel cloth

In 2006, the anti-static shoe workshop was put into production, with a monthly output of 60,000 pairs of electrostatic shoes

2004 Established Dongguan Tianhe anti-static dust-free clothing production plant, with a monthly output of 30,000 sets of dust-free clothing


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