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Professional production of clean cloth tells you how to choose clean cloth to use!

2019-05-22 11:40:18

If you choose to wipe products in industrial production, most people will think of dust-free cloth. In fact, these products can not only be used for wiping applications, but also consider other requirements of industrial production. Therefore, the performance of such products is very good, but most people are not very good at the performance of such products.

(1) In the case where we want to choose a dust-free cloth, you can find that all products have a relatively high-quality storage effect, and are equipped with antistatic effects, high water absorption capacity, and even the surface of all products is very soft Yes, it is not easy to damage the surface of the block at the root, they can show sufficient dryness and environmental humidity, and they can also show sufficient compressive strength.

(2) The amount of ionization released by the dust-free cloth is relatively low, and it is not easy to cause chemical changes. You can choose the edge.


(3) When the dust-free cloth is applied, it can be selected by combining the two sides to distinguish, and in addition, when the two sides are covered, there will be a variety of different ways to show good Of hemming.

(4) The dust-free cloth has excellent storage effect, and even they can cooperate with each other in various antistatic effects, have high water absorption capacity, and the soft surface layer is not easy to damage the surface layer of the block.

(5) The dust-free cloth is all 100% continuous polyester fiber fabric. The subcutaneous tissue surface layer is used for production and processing, and it can even be used to wipe the more sensitive surface layer.


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