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What should be paid attention to when using anti-static dust-free cloth?

2019-05-22 11:40:18

As a special wiping product, anti-static dust-free cloth is one of the most important products in industrial production. It is different from ordinary wipe paper. It has the advantages of wear resistance, tear resistance, good elasticity, no dust and hair, and strong water absorption. Only when used correctly can it really play its role. What should be paid attention to when using anti-static dust-free cloth?

First, before unpacking and using, you must wear clean gloves and masks. For high-end fiber dust-free cloth, you need to unpack in a clean environment, and clean the packaging bag before unpacking, especially keep the opening clean.


Secondly, when we use a dust-free cloth to wipe sensitive surfaces, fold the edges around the dust-free cloth and wipe only the middle part of the dust-free cloth, so as to minimize the damage to sensitive objects. The dust-free cloth can directly wipe the surface of the object, or it can be wiped by adding a solvent.

Finally, during operation, the dust-free cloth must be kept flat and not rubbed. When moving and wiping, try to make full contact with the fibers of the cloth and the surface of the wipe, and wipe in the same direction. Do not wipe back and forth repeatedly.


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