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A brief introduction about the detailed difference between clean paper and clean cloth

2019-05-22 11:40:18

The technology of clean paper is a kind of dry nonwoven fabric. Dust-free paper has unique physical properties. It is characterized by high elasticity, softness, hand feel, and excellent drape. It has extremely high water absorption and good water retention performance. It is widely used in health care products, special medical products, industrial wipes And other fields.

  First, the raw material is wood pulp fiber;

  The second is the use of air-laid technology.

  The production process of non-woven fabrics is mainly two processes of netting and reinforcement. Dry papermaking nonwoven fabric production mainly uses two methods of chemical bonding and thermal bonding. According to the different reinforcement technology, its raw materials and uses are different, the following are introduced separately.


  1. Chemical bonding method The chemical bonding method uses 100% wood pulp fiber (fluff pulp) as the raw material. After the fibers opened into a single fiber state are air-laid, the water-soluble adhesive is sprayed onto the fiber web by spraying. The surface is then baked and consolidated into a cloth. The main uses of the products are industrial wipes, feminine hygiene products, baby wipes, tablecloths, wet facial towels and cooking cloths.  

  2. Thermal bonding method Thermal bonding method is to mix the hot-melt fibers in the fluff pulp fibers, the mixing ratio is generally not less than 15%. Reinforce the web into a cloth. Because the non-woven fabric of thermal bonding method does not contain chemical adhesives, the product has better bulkiness and hygroscopicity, and is mainly used as an absorbent core for high-absorbency sanitary products and thin women's sanitary napkins. Based on this application, some production lines are equipped with a high-absorption resin (SAP) powder application device.

  Because of the addition of polymer water-absorbing resin, it can turn water into a solid after absorbing water, which greatly improves its water absorption capacity. In summary, although clean paper is called paper, it is essentially a nonwoven fabric.


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