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What is the material of the dust-free cloth so that it can be reused?

2019-05-22 11:40:18

When it comes to dust-free cloth, many friends may think it is a disposable item, because it is dust-free in the first place, and there will be dust after one use. Therefore it is no longer available. In fact, the dust-free cloth can be reused. How to use clean cloth?

The performance of the dust-free cloth is not only related to its own material, but also closely related to the later maintenance. Therefore, the cleaning of the dust-free cloth has a certain degree of professionalism, and it cannot be sloppy or washed. Let ’s take a look at the skills together. The dust-free cloth can be cleaned correctly and used repeatedly-skills!


1. Do not use chemical agents such as bleach for cleaning, as this will shorten the service life of the clean cloth.

2. After cleaning, rinse thoroughly with clean water.

3. Do not use softener, because the softener will leave a thin film on the surface of the microfiber, which will seriously affect the wiping effect.

4. Should use neutral detergent to wash with warm water.

5. Dry in the air or dry in a dryer. Do not iron or expose to the sun.


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