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How much do you know about the edge banding method of clean cloth?

2019-05-22 11:40:18

In the large industry of cleaning and purification, there are many types of fabrics used for wiping purposes. However, in the critical cleaning environment in the field of precision technology, the cleanest cloth material is dust-free cloth. Of course, dust-free cloth is just a popular name on the market. Its professional name is cleaning cleaning cloth. It is a cleaning cloth widely used in the fields of electronics, medical, biological engineering, optics, etc. It has high cleanliness and strong absorption. , Wipe off dust, enhance cleaning efficiency and other powerful functions. On the market, because of the different needs for wiping, the methods of edge banding in the production process are different.


1. Cold cutting also known as unsealed

Direct cutting by electric scissors, this cutting method is easy to produce hair debris, and can not be cleaned after cutting, a large amount of cloth dust will be generated on the edge during the wiping process, no cleanliness. Therefore, it is only suitable for equipment maintenance and 5S applications that do not require high cleanliness.

2. Laser edge banding

The laser is melted at a high temperature instantly, and the edge sealing is better without generating swarf. After cutting, it can be cleaned by net shower and cleaning, so that the product reaches a higher dust-free standard. It is a little bit hard, and there is generally no problem with the points of attention during the wiping process. 75% of the market is using this edge banding method. The advantages are firm edge sealing and high cleanliness, which can meet the needs of most wiping applications.

3. Ultrasonic edge banding

Ultrasonic edge banding: the vibration generated by the ultrasonic vibration group (vibrator) (which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy), transmits heat through the HORN (welding head), and then squeezes the fabric through the cutter. One of the most perfect cloth cutting methods, the edge sealing effect is good and the edges will not be hard, but this cutting method is too costly and has a market share of about 15%.


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