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What kind of material can superfine fiber dust-free cloth be used in modern technology?

2020-04-24 18:01:53

Superfine fiber dust-free cloth is a kind of differential fiber with rapid development. It is called a new generation of synthetic fiber. It is a high-quality and high-tech textile raw material. It is a typical representative of new synthetic fiber that chemical fiber develops to high-tech and high simulation direction. It is made of ultra-fine and tough fibers, with super structure, soft and tough characteristics, which not only does not damage the work fabric, but also has the advantages of low dust and low ion content.

non-dust cloth

There are many micro pores between the micro fibers, forming capillary structure. If it is processed into towel fabric that can be wetted by water, it has high water absorption. Washed hair can quickly absorb water with this towel, so that the hair can dry quickly.

Dedusting principle of microfiber dust-free cloth: (multiple scraping effect): one coarse single fiber of dust-free cloth manufacturer can turn it into hundreds of superfine fibers, so when it is used to wipe the cloth, the superfine fiber can have more scraping effect than the general wiping cloth. (wide contact area effect): generally, the contact area between floating point and object is small due to the thick fiber and large bending rigidity, whereas the bending rigidity of ultra-fine fiber is small and soft (silk like), so the contact area between floating point and object is large and the cleaning force is strong.


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