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What kind of fabric is antistatic clothing? The importance of wearing antistatic clothing

2020-04-24 17:59:21

With the popularization of computer and electronic products, more and more manufacturers begin to take anti-static measures. Antistatic clothing is one of the important measures. This is because in the workshop, the human body is the largest source of static charge. The perceived static electricity will vary according to factors such as height and size of feet. For example, people with large size and big feet need to accumulate more charges to generate the same amount of electricity. In addition, the fabric, sole material and weather conditions of clothing can also affect the amount of static electricity. For example, the dry climate is prone to generate static electricity.


Static electricity of about 2-4 kV is harmless to most people. However, electronic components will be damaged due to only a few volts of static electricity. It is estimated that 8% - 33% of product damage is caused by static electricity. Antistatic clothing can prevent the damage of electronic components and prevent fire or explosion when operating flammable gas and liquid. Once the static electricity is not controlled, it may cause a series of losses, especially in the semiconductor and electronic products industry, the human body static electricity is the biggest threat, a bending action, the generated static electricity is enough to break through the chip, causing product damage, equipment failure, lost time and product repair. The harm of static electricity has certain concealment. Many times, static electricity injures the product, but it does not completely damage the product. Therefore, it is not sure whether there is a problem in the factory inspection. But in the process of user use, the product quality problem appears, which is the reason why the quality of many domestic electronic products is not stable and the service life is not long. Therefore, it is urgent to solve the problem of static electricity, which requires the workers in these industries to wear anti-static clothing.

Antistatic clothing is made of conductive fabric, which can neutralize static electricity by adding conductive fiber or finishing fabric after use. Many anti-static clothing is a wire or grid wire into the cotton, polyester or blended fabric. Generally, the dense grid (5mmx5mm) has stronger anti-static ability than the loose grid (20mmX20mm), which can effectively suppress human static and eliminate or reduce the harm of electrostatic discharge.


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